Should I remodel my home or sell it as-is? Utah Real Estate

Should I remodel my home before I put it up for sale?  So many people ask this question.  They look at their home and wonder what should they do vs what do they need to do before putting their home up for sale.  Buyers will notice the clutter, they will notice the peeling paint and they will notice the “broken” items in or around your home.  The first impression is critical and can make or break your deal.  Most of the people who view your home will see it online first. A picture is worth a 1,000 words.  Consider your online home tour today’s version of an open house.

Curb Appeal~ take the time to make the first impression your best impression when selling your home.

Curb Appeal~ take the time to make the first impression your best impression when selling your home.

In all my years of real estate sales the most important thing is clean and clutter free.  You can have an outdated home that is squeaky clean and clutter free and the buyers are often mentally able to get past  it.  With this being said, they will get past it enough to write an offer but they still might knock the price down because it needs to be “updated.”  Items like purple or green carpet, wallpaper, and old appliances can cause a buyer to discount their offer if the home was built after the 70’s.  Anything before that time frame and they might consider it part of the era/time period and not mind that it is dated.  Its tricky,  I would need to see your home to know for sure but until then here is a small list of ideas that can add resale value to your home.

Update the flooring, remove the shag carpet. Buyers will thank you for it.

Update the flooring, remove the shag carpet. Buyers will thank you for it.


The most popular places for remodeling, kitchens and bathrooms but what if you drive up to a home and your first impression is to keep driving because the curb appeal is horrible.  Curb appeal.  Take a picture of the front of your home and the landscaping.  Wait a few days and pull it up on your computer to view it.  You might be surprised at what you see.  Do you see weeds? Dead plants?  A lawn that needs edging/mowed? How about the front door step area?  Does it need swept? Does the paint need touched up?  Do you need to get rid of all the clutter?   Other areas to look at: your vinyl siding and windows.  Clean your windows and the exterior of your home.  The buyer will be standing at your doorway looking around while the Realtor gets the key out of the keybox and works on letting them into your home.  They have a lot of time to sit and look around and take in everything they see… the good the bad and the ugly.IMG_6222

I recently read that a deck addition is good option.  This is not a cheap option but if your deck is currently falling down repairs will help buyers love your home.  Items like a new deck or a fence are big ticket items in a buyers mind and will often detour them from your home.  They become paralyzed with the thought of how much money it will cost them.  Its always a good idea to stain/paint and repair your deck.  The same rules apply with a deck as the front entry of your home.  It must be clean and clutter free.  People want to envision room for gatherings, relaxing after a long day at work and bar-b-ques.

Remember to repair/stain your deck for more money when selling your home.

Repair/Stain your deck before you put your home up for sale….

Kitchens: this is an area that people will instantly love your kitchens layout or dislike it.  Do you have a enough cabinet space, are your cabinets in need of repairs, are you missing handles or even door panels.  Take the time to empty your cabinets and showcase how much room you do have. (same with pantry)  If your cabinets are in need of a deep cleaning, take the time to do this.  (inside and out)  Stain/paint or have your cabinets resurfaced vs replacing the whole cabinet unit.  Appliances are a big item for buyers too.   New appliances, countertops and flooring always help a kitchen shine.  Be careful of your budget and only take care of what you can afford to take care of.  kn1

Clean Clutter Free Kitchens. Cabinets, pantries and countertops free from clutter.

Clean Clutter Free Kitchens. Cabinets, pantries and countertops free from clutter.

Bathroom:  The right touches can help a bathroom look spacious even if they are really small.  Buyers will be looking at the light fixtures, wall colors, faucet and vanities.  Even if you can not afford to update your bathroom take the time do declutter and scrub your bathrooms until they shine.

Updated lights, fixtures and vanities. Key items to improving your homes value.

Updated lights, fixtures and vanities. Key items to improving your homes value.

Bedrooms/Offices/Dens:  Rooms are not always used as they were originally intended.  For example, my office is actually one of our bedrooms.  If we were to put our house on the market, I would need to stage my office back to a bedroom so buyers see it for its intended purpose.  If you have questions, please ask for help…  this can make a huge difference when buyers see your home.

front room townhome


Lastly…. Paint, Wallpaper and Carpets.   Nothing makes people run faster than a room of wallpaper… bad paint and shag carpet.  For example, the current home we own was on the market for a long time.  The market was hot and the home should have sold quickly.  Fortunately for us, the home had pink walls, wallpaper all over the kitchen and dining room, outdated appliances and pink everywhere you looked.  The home did not show well and was just sitting stagnant.  We knew to look past all of these hurdles and were able to get an amazing deal.

Outdated carpet, furnishings along with a lot of personal items caused buyers to pass on this home

Outdated carpet, furnishings along with a lot of personal items caused buyers to pass on this home *picture is not the home we purchased our home had a pink theme not blue*

Sellers remember the home you want to sell is now a house.  It’s time to detach and take some time to update, clean and declutter.  If you truly want to sell your home for the most amount of money possible, follow the steps above and you will notice a big difference.  Time to get some boxes and take the personal pictures down.


It’s time to sell your home!

call/text or email me.  801-580-5624






*two pictures were taken from homes I sold and had the pictures on file from the MLS*

Utah Road Construction… Information about Utah.. Moving to Utah? Call/Text 801-580-5624

Utah Road Construction 2015, UDOT Announces Plans. All times and schedules are estimates. A complete list and map of the areas can be found here: Utah currently has over 180 projects planned. Below is a recap of the top 15 projects. The map will take you to the complete site where you can view projects currently being worked on and also projects planned but not started.

Planning a vacation? Visiting Utah this Spring/Summer/Fall? Please plan ahead and slow down.

Map of Utah Road Construction 2015

Utah Map of Road Construction Projects

Utah Map of Road Construction Projects

  • I-15 The Point : Starts March 2015 expected to finish Fall of 2016. Widening I-15 to 6 lanes each direction from 123rd South to Lehi Route 92.
  • I-15 South Davis : Continues expected to complete fall of 2015
  • I-80 Silver Creek to Wanship: work continues to reconstruct 8 miles between US 40 and Wanship.
  • I-15 Beaver : adding climbing lanes in two locations. Starts March 2015 completion expected November 2015
  • State Route 36: 10 mile reconstruction project starting spring of 2015 with expected completion fall of 2015
  • I-15 Hill Field Road interchange : Schedule Spring to fall of 2015.
  • Bangerter/Redwood interchange: Estimated completion July 2015.
  • I-215, 300 East to Redwood Road Section of 215 rebuild from July ~ October
  • U.S. 40, state Route 208 to Duchesne Spring~ Fall
  • State Route 108, 2000 West in Roy/Ogden Widening and reconstruction already underway with estimated completion this summer.
  • Provo westside connector/Vineyard connector: Scheduled completion spring 2016
  • U.S. 89/State Street, Sandy and Draper : Repaving 8000 S to 9000 S and 11400 S to 11800 S. Estimated completion fall
  • U.S. 89/Harrison Boulevard intersection Project May ~ October 2015
  • SR-7, Warner Valley to Washington Dam Road
  • Antelope Drive, 2200 West to University Park Boulevard

Moving to Utah? Need to Sell Your Current Home? I would love to help. Give me a call/text and find out what your home is worth! The market is HOT for sellers! What are you waiting for?

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Sandy, Utah Market Report and Homes For Sale Recap

Sandy, Utah Market Report and Homes for sale recap.  Utah has so many great areas with a variety of amenities and opportunities. We moved to Utah from Washington State back in the fall of 2002.  I wished I would have known more about the area and all the cities and towns before relocating.  If you have a question about any of the towns/cities in my reports, please give me a call 801-580-5624

Sandy Utah


Currently Sandy, Utah has 307  single family homes for sale.  

  • Lowest Price:  125,000
  • Highest Price: 4.999 million
  • Smallest Loy .01
  • Largest lot with home 6.90 acres
  • Garage Parking: Smallest = no garage
  • Garage Parking Most Available spots: 14
  • Price/Sqft:  Highest:  $1420 per sqft foot for a cabin
  • Price/Sqft: Lowest:    $60 for a rambler short sale
  • Oldest Home for sale: 1925 bungalow
  • Smallest Home for sale: 432 sqft
  • Largest Home for sale: 18,065

There are 144 homes under contract which means there is an accepted offer between the buyers and sellers: it is still pending financing, appraisal and inspections in most cases.  (every situation is different and some have no contingencies while other will include additional contingencies not listed)

45 single family homes have sold in Sandy during the Month of January.  (Sold means the home has officially switched ownership, the loan /purchase has funded and recorded and is no longer under contract)



Relocating to Utah? Give me a call:  801-580-5624 I would love to help….

Want to know what your home is worth? Call me I’m here to help! 801-580-5624

Beautiful Home with 3 car garage for sale in Saratoga Springs, UT 801-580-5624

Beautiful home with 3 car garage located in Saratoga Springs Utah is now for sale. This gorgeous home is located across from a park with walking trails.  Great views.  Beautiful home, well taken care of.  Also features double RV parking!  Need space this home has it, need storage??? it has that too… you won’t be disappointed, call for an appointment 801-580-5624




Single Family Home
Main Features
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Interior: 2,702 sqft
Lot: 0.25 acre(s)
1852 Harvest Moon
Saratoga Springs, UT 84043

Kim Boekholder Kim Boekholder

Results Real Estate, LLC
(801) 5805624       

Listed by: Results Real Estate

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Where to Ski in Utah

Where to Ski in Utah? There are so many places to choose from, not only are we a fabulous place to live but we have a wide variety of activities year round for people to enjoy …. Like SKIING! As I sit here on this snowy Sunday my thoughts go to Ski season. While we are not quite ready, my son and daughter need new ski boots and my son wants new skies and of course my daughter wants a new outfit (yes skiing can be expensive too) I can’t wait to hit the slopes.Back in 2006 my son is almost 16 now and my daughter almost 13 wow times goes by so fast OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

First off let me start by saying I grew up in Washington State. I never skied until Senior Skip day and after that a few times in college. I truly didn’t start skiing until we moved to Utah 11 years ago. Matter of fact I think while I can get down the blue runs no problem and the black runs every so slowly I am in fact no “fun to watch” although it maybe funny….. My son will fly by and say mom you are going way tooooo sloooooooooow… I have to laugh because you know what…. it hurts to crash and I would rather go slow and make it down then crash and get hurt. I guess getting older has its benefits when it comes to some thought processes. Speaking of older this picture was taken in 2006 my kids are now almost 16 and 13! yikes!!! *

Our favorite location is Alta. We are a family of skiers. We do not snowboard and Alta is one of the few places where it is still Skiers only. It only takes us 20 minutes from the minute we sit our buns down in the car to the minute we sit on a chair lift and are on our way up the mountain. We are very lucky to live so close to our favorite winter place.

So when does the 2013-2014 season start? NOVEMBER 22nd!! is the plan weather permitting and if it keeps snowing like today, we will be up there enjoying the season by then.

For ticket information, times, pricing and all the important information you will need to know about Alta go visit their site or their youtube channel! LOVE IT.

Oh another thing! in the summer months Alta has some great hiking trails… so if you are into Hiking, I’ll write more about those later.

Enjoy! and I’ll see ya on the slopes!

*interested in living somewhere affordable and so close to world class skiing? I’d love to help!

Why all buyers need a buyers agent representing them and their goals

What does a buyers agent do and why do I need one

What to expect when you hire me as your buyer broker.  I certainly do more than just open doors and drive

buyer broker juggling all the detailsaround.  A lot of people do not realize that as a buyers agent you are really juggling a lot of balls in the air to coordinate, negotiate and bring the deal to a close.

My fiduciary duty is to look out for the buyer.  Buyers need to realize that they are the ones who benefit from hiring a buyers agent to represent them.  The listing agent has the fiduciary duty to the seller, not the buyer.  Remember the old saying, buyer beware…… (always have an agent represent you and only you)

Below is a very brief overview of my major steps during a home purchase.  As we all know each and every transaction is different and no two buyers, sellers or homes have the same issues.  There is no way to put a complete list together without it looking like the action booksI used to read in about4th grade: you remember the books that you had options on all the way thru,,,, if you want to open this door go to page 53 if not continue reading… you get my point.


Overview of Steps Necessary in 99% of the transactions:

  • Initial interview to find out more about buyers situation
  • buyers must get a preapproval and meet with lender
  • once you have a preapproval letter we go over letter the letter and conditions
  • Review of initial buyer interview, review of what you are looking for and why you are moving.  check to see if anything has changed since meeting with the lender
  • types of homes available (HUD, short sales, foreclosures, fsbo etc)
  • types of sellers (short sales, foreclosures, HUD, FSBO, etc)
  • how fast the market is moving based on what your looking for and qualify for
  • a brief overview of the forms and what to expect paperwork wise
  • paperwork sent over email, or delivered to buyer recapping again what to expect, the process of buying a home, the do’s and don’t when it comes to buying a home these get initialed and added to my file
  • search for homes, not only on MLS but zillow, fsbo sites, local papers, nod’s: schedule appointments and research any initial red flags
  • farming for additional homes if inventory is low
  • viewing of homes
  • cma of home you want to purchase
  • sit down and explain in detail the legal documents you are signing and what they involve
  • negotiate offer

once under contract

  • order title work
  • contact lender
  • constant contact with all parties regarding deadlines and legal items
  • home inspector and due diligence items
  • attend inspection
  • meet to go over report
  • negotiate
  • keep in constant contact with lender about deadlines and issues
  • appraisal issues if any
  • walk thru
  • settlement
  • possession details

My goal is to help the buyer achieve their dream and to eliminate any unnessary stress and drama.  As a neutral party i am able to step away and look at the process thru what legally can and can not happen. Realtors are able to do this without the high level emotion of a buyer or seller may bring if they were dealing directly with one another. Selling and Purchasing Real Estate is one of the biggest /stressful investments many of us will ever do in our lifetime.  It is a legally binding agreement and a lot more complicated than the DIY networks make it seem.  Always consult a professional when selling or purchasing real estate.


***I’m thinking I should print this and keep it with me the next time I have someone ask me what I do for my money.



Salt Lake Parade of Homes 2012

Salt Lake Parade of Homes 2012 featuring homes from 177,000 to multi-million dollar estates.  The Salt Lake Parade of homes has teamed up again with the Make-A-Wish Foundation you will see rooms decorated to support this partnership featured in showcased homes.  This year the parade has a new feature called Parade Craze, its a smart phone app to help all attendees keep track of all the homes they have seen.  Some of the other cool additions to this years parade are:


*a historic home restoration

*a blogger inspired home

*a home built by the CTEC program (Canyons School District Students )

Looking for a home in Salt Lake view all homes available at


Tickets can be purchased at participating                                                         

RC Willey Locations ($10)

Daybreak Glass House ($15)

Parade and Model Homes ($15)

Salt Lake Home Builders Association office ($15)

or online at  right now they are running a special for $12 tickets!



August 3-18th, 2012

Daily 12pm – 9 pm

***some models may be closed on Sundays**


See ya there! 

p.s. if you are interested in buying a home whether its a new construction or not, please notify your Realtor before attending the parade.  If you don’t have a Realtor, let me know I’d love to help you out. For all the potential / soon to be sellers out there, we need your inventory.  You may be surprised to find out what your home is actually worth right now.  Call me for more details about anything real estate.



Neptune Park in Saratoga Springs, Opens Today

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah – 30 minutes from downtown salt lake and only minutes from my listing in Eagle Mountain!  1853 Sunrise Drive.  

What an amazing structure and park.  Its called Neptune Park located at 452 W 400 North in Saratoga Springs, Utah

The park officials have been quoted as saying “We made a deliberate effort to include play equipment that would encourage unstructured play, pique children’s curiosity and imagination, and tempt adults to join kids in the fun,” says City Manager Mark Christensen. “We are very proud of the work that has gone into creating this park and see it benefiting the generations to come.”

The park officially opens TODAY at 3:30 (right after school)

Interested? Want to look for homes in this area? GIve me a call 801.580.5624

*photo compliments of Utah News

The Local Salt Lake Market Has Exploded With Buyers

The local market has exploded with buyers.  They are everywhere and they are bidding on everything.  A traditional seller who prices their home correctly will surely have multiple offers.  My buyers have been in multiple offer situations from the price range of 60,000 all the way up to $400,000.

Below are this weeks quotes:

“Forget it, there are even multiple offers on homes that need to be knocked down.  I’m done looking until more homes become available to look at.”

“ I’m taking a break.  I can’t compete, I can only offer what I can afford.  I will never beat out people who are paying cash.”

“Do I have to submit an offer before I even see the home?”

“I don’t want to see anymore short sale, foreclosure or HUD homes.”  I’m sick of the bidding process, multiple offers and being the first offer but the agent holding the offer until there is a multiple offer situation.”

“Find me a traditional seller or I won’t go see homes until you do.”

“How are there multiple offers, its a new listing today and I haven’t even finished my three s’s for the day?”

Sellers, if you have been considering selling your home or had it for sale in the past and took it off the market, now is the time to seriously reconsider.