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[youtube=] – Now may be the perfect time to buy a home – Now may be the perfect time to buy a home.



Don’t keep waiting people! If you are at all interested in buying a home call me and lets get going before the market turns into a sellers market and the bidding wars start.

The short sale process: want to know more or need help,contact me, Certified Distressed Property Expert



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Selling Your Home In Utah, Real Estate Advice, Salt Lake City

Selling your home, real estate advice, salt lake city . Give me a call I would love to help you out. 8015805624 or Results Real Estate, I help people who are relocating to or out of Utah, buyers, short sales. Full time real estate agent.

Bountiful Baskets, Salt Lake City Utah

Looking for fresh produce for a discount? Bountiful Baskets, Salt Lake City Utah. The coupon craze is so tempting but no matter how hard I try, I can never find healthy items on sale. I can’t eat processed foods, and yes that is a pain…….That’s why I always seem to fall back to farmers markets, until now. I was told about bountiful baskets last year and unfortunately never got around to signing up, until now. I can’t wait for my produce. Check out their website for details on how you signup (its easy), locations to pickup your produce and the schedule.

It is a co-op and from what everyone has told me it runs so smooth. They have a list of current produce they are carrying on their website and everything is explained on how to get started and what to expect.

For more information check it out

Moving to Utah? Moving Around Utah? Contact me for help

Twitter Landed Me An Interview With The Salt Lake Tribune!!!!

Twitter Landed Me An Interview With The Salt Lake Tribune. Imagine my surprise when I received a call from the Salt Lake Tribune! Me???? I just recently jumped back into the tweeting part of real estate social media about a month ago and this is the first “hey I saw your name” or “I read your…” I have received. I was tickled…

The Salt Lake Tribune was doing a feature on home remodels what not to do. As they ran down the questions asking my opinion, it was great to hear her feedback to my answers and that she said I was 100% right on with what the national survery had found. Very little of the interview made it into the paper, but I was so happy to see what did make it!

When I asked her how she got my name, she simply said, “I’ve been reading your tweets.” Social media does work and this was the atta girl I needed to keep it up. Thank you again Lesley Mitchell @ The Salt Lake Tribune! You made my day.

Happy Earth Day! Good Friday and Easter Weekend

Real estate is moving, this weekend looks like its going to be BUSY. Homes are flying off the market. If you are looking for a home in Utah, give me a call. Lets get you out there so you don’t miss out on the great values and the great rates!

Best wishes on this amazing holiday weekend!!!!!!


Introducing my new brokerage “Results Real Estate”

Results Real Estate,LLC………. My new company. Its taken me a while to finally take the leap and I’m still wading through all the paperwork but I am so EXCITED!!!!!

Its funny, as I look over my real estate career in Utah, I find it ironic that all my “accomplishments” have taken place in April. I was first licensed back in April 2004. Took my brokers test and became an associate broker in April 2008 and here I am opening my own real estate company April of 2011.

Before taking the final step I met with so many wonderful brokers and I love everything about Keller but felt it was time to make the change. I’ll keep you posted as I take my journey.

I’m off to an appointment at the sign shop to replace/design my new signs!

Best wishes to all,

“The Ranches” home for sale 3bedroom, 2 bath

The Ranches, home for sale, 3 bedroom, 2 bath.  Gorgeous home.  Features professional landscape, breathtaking views, close to clubhouse (swimming pool).  In the ranches area, easy commute into Salt Lake or Provo depending on where you work.  Check out this home, insane price  Call for an appointment kim@keller  williams  801.580.5624