My Service Pledge

My Service Pledge

Here are some of my service pledges:

I will DEDICATE myself to making the process of buying/selling your home as easy and drama free as possible.

I will VALUE and RESPECT your time, being efficient and effective

I will UNDERSTAND your needs and respond quickly

I will provide WEEKLY progress reports throughout the process

I will CONTINUALLY work on marketing your home or searching for homes for you

I will ASSIST you with any needs that may arise throughout the process


I will be AVAILABLE for any questions/concerns you may have

I view my role as a consultant, your local real estate expert. I am here to educate and advise you through the whole process.

Salt Lake County Utah Median Home Prices

Salt Lake County Utah median home prices.  The second quarter of 2011 has seen many cities still seeing a decline in prices and volumne sold have we finally hit bottom?
Utah Median Price Information
While a lot of the zip codes are seeing another down arrow for the second quarter of 2011 A few areas are starting to see an increase.  Could this mean we’ve hit bottom and now we will start stabilizing and seeing a Real Estate Recovery in Salt Lake County?  I think so, while we may still hit some hiccups along the way I believe we are going to start to see a slow stabilizing of the market resulting in a gradual recovery.  

*if you are thinking of selling your home or currently have your home on the market, this tool is a great reference and insight on how low the homes are selling for around you.

Homes For Sale

Bountiful Baskets, Salt Lake City Utah

Looking for fresh produce for a discount? Bountiful Baskets, Salt Lake City Utah. The coupon craze is so tempting but no matter how hard I try, I can never find healthy items on sale. I can’t eat processed foods, and yes that is a pain…….That’s why I always seem to fall back to farmers markets, until now. I was told about bountiful baskets last year and unfortunately never got around to signing up, until now. I can’t wait for my produce. Check out their website for details on how you signup (its easy), locations to pickup your produce and the schedule.

It is a co-op and from what everyone has told me it runs so smooth. They have a list of current produce they are carrying on their website and everything is explained on how to get started and what to expect.

For more information check it out

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Salt Lake County, Real Estate Sales a look at whats going on

Salt Lake County, Real Estate Sales a look at whats going on. As I drive around it seems like the market is flooded with homes for sale so for kicks I pulled up that statistics to see whats going on out in the market. Some areas are still overwhelmed with homes for sale. Take a look at the rate homes are selling vs. the rate homes are being listed in your zip code….. interesting and stresses the point even more that sellers have to be realistic about their asking price there is A LOT of competition out there!

Listing Recap

Listing Recap

New Listings

New Listings

VS……….. Sales

sold 1st quarter vs 4th quarter 2010

Home Sales 1st quarter 2011 vs. 4th quarter 2010

Part 2 sales 1st quarter 2011 vs. 4th quarter 2010

Part 2 sales 1st quarter 2011 vs. 4th quarter 2010