Neptune Park in Saratoga Springs, Opens Today

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah – 30 minutes from downtown salt lake and only minutes from my listing in Eagle Mountain!  1853 Sunrise Drive.  

What an amazing structure and park.  Its called Neptune Park located at 452 W 400 North in Saratoga Springs, Utah

The park officials have been quoted as saying “We made a deliberate effort to include play equipment that would encourage unstructured play, pique children’s curiosity and imagination, and tempt adults to join kids in the fun,” says City Manager Mark Christensen. “We are very proud of the work that has gone into creating this park and see it benefiting the generations to come.”

The park officially opens TODAY at 3:30 (right after school)

Interested? Want to look for homes in this area? GIve me a call 801.580.5624

*photo compliments of Utah News

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Relocating to Utah? Be prepared for multiple offers

Relocating to Utah? Be prepared for multiple offers.  No longer is it a buyers market.  I really believe the buyers market went away a couple months ago.  Every home my various buyers are serious about goes under contract fast and often with multiple offers.  If the banks are holding back shadow inventory, now might be a good time to slowly start releasing their inventory.

Its amazing how we went from no offers and homes sitting for sale for a year to the same home over the past month now having multiple offers on it.  Sellers, please don’t get greedy on what you request the buyers to do in order to purchase your home.  I recently showed a home that my buyer liked until we read the request sent to me by the agent stating the home owners requests… (short sale scenario by the way) home owner is taking absolutely all the light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, appliances etc… but hey we can put together a separate bid for those items if we want outside of the transaction and that will determine whose offer goes to the bank………..hmmmm interesting… oh ya, we were suppose to pay their attorney fees for their recent divorce too?  Not sure how this will pass FHA inspections and underwritter guidelines…

I recently spoke to a buyer who I just met and they were bragging how they over bid the property by 20,000 dollars.  Their goal was to secure the bid and when it doesn’t appraise, they would deal with it then.


Anyways, Sellers stay focused and buyers be prepared.  Its still  a great time to buy a home in Salt Lake County but you need to be working with a lender/loan officer first.  Get your financial ducks in a row, then I can help you with your home search and the contractual part of your home buying experience.

Spring has sprung and the tide has turned…..  Good luck to all…..

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New Construction Salt Lake County Homes For Sale: Call For Details

Kim Boekholder | Results Real Estate, LLC | (801) 580-5624
Spendthrift Dr, Bluffdale, UT
New Construction Home call for details on builder and home information
4BR/2+1BA Single Family House
offered at $332,500
Year Built 2012
Sq Footage Unspecified
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2 full, 1 partial
Floors 2
Parking Unspecified
Lot Size Unspecified
HOA/Maint $0 per month


Interested in a new home? If you are a buyer looking for a home, make sure you have a buyers agent representing you. Give me a call for details on why and how it doesn’t cost you.
see additional photos below

– New Construction

Photo 1
Contact info:
Kim Boekholder
Results Real Estate, LLC
(801) 580-5624
For sale by agent/broker

Equal Opportunity Housing
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Posted: Mar 20, 2012, 11:15am PDT

*Results Real Estate has permission from builder to post listings and use photographs*

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Moving Checklist For Sellers

Moving Checklist For Sellers.  Moving can be hectic everyone and anyone who has ever moved knows the challenges you face.  Every time you move there are new hurdles to overcome.  Below is a general list of reminders to help you through the process.


  • Provide the post office with your forwarding address two to four weeks ahead of the move
  • Notify your credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, and bank of your change of address
  • Create a list of friends, relatives and business colleagues who need to be notified about your move
  • Arrange to disconnect utilities and have them connected at your new home
  • Cancel the newspaper, or change the address so it will arrive at your new  home
  • Check insurance coverage for the items you’re moving.  Usually movers only cover what they pack
  • Clean out appliances and prepare them for moving or for staying
  • Note the weight of the goods you’ll have moved.  Watch for movers who add excessive padding to add weight
  • Check with your condo about any restrictions on using the elevator or particular exits for moving
  • Have a keep with me, or a open first box with the things you’ll need most, such as toilet paper, soap, trash bags, scissors, hammer, screwdriver, pencils, paper, snacks, daily essential

Plus, if you’re moving out of town be sure to:

  • Get copies of your medical and dental records and prescriptions for your family.  If possible refill all prescriptions before you go so you don’t have to worry about it immediately when you move
  • Get copies of your children’s school records for transfer
  • Arrange for your pets travel needs
  • Let a friend or relative know your route
  • Empty your safety deposit box
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Free Full Access Home Buyer Search Report


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Before you go FSBO

Before you go FSBO in Salt Lake County, give me a call. I can meet, match and exceed what others are offering.

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Homes For Sale

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Salt Lake County Market Statistics December 20, 2010

Salt Lake County Market Statistics

over the last two weeks.  Condo sales, condos under contract and active listings.  Condo”s still remain a challenge when it comes to getting a loan.   The lowest average days on market are 167 days.  The largest section of listings range between the 100,000 to 200,000 price range with over 900 listings currently.  The interesting part is that over 900 condo’s also expired in the last 6 months.  I wonder how many of these condo’s went to foreclosure because a buyer couldn’t get their loan?

December 20 2010 Recap Salt Lake County Condo

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