15 Benefits of Working With A Buyers Representative

  1. Locating suitable properties
  2. Previewing Properties
  3. Verifying the properties condition
  4. suggesting necessary inspections by experts
  5. Helping buyers determine what they can afford based on Lender Preapproval
  6. Verifying property taxes and utilities
  7. Verifying the value of the property
  8. Advising clients on structuring an offer
  9. Presenting the offer to the sellers representatives
  10. Negotiating favorable contract terms for the buyer
  11. Explaining Legal documents needed for closing and helping secure them
  12. Assisting in securing financing, consulting with the lender
  13. Assisting buyers and their attorney in clarifying title, zoning, building codes and access easements
  14. Referring them to qualified vendors
  15. Analyzing the future salability of the property

A Buyers Agent needs to have perserverance and great negotiating skills.

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ps. Procrastination keeps more people from ever reaching their dreams than anything else.


Buying Process My Commitment to You and What I ask of You

My Commitment to you

  • To work with you to determine your desires, needs and qualifications
  • Show you homes in the MLS which meet your needs
  • Create a personalized marketing campaign to find your ideal home if we don’t find it in the MLS
  • Do a CMA before we write and present an offer
  • Write offer and negotiate purchase agreement
  • Point out anything I become aware of which could negatively impact the value of home


What I Ask of You

  • Sign Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement
  • Inform other Realtors and home owners you are represented by me
  • Work only with me during agreement period
  • Use recommended lender to determine maximum loan qualification
  • Be available to preview homes
  • Provide feedback on homes seen and service provided
  • Inform me of any changes in your circumstances
  • Do NOT go into any new construction sites with out me.  Agent has to be with you at all times/viewings
  • Let me call on every home you are interested in- Especially for sale by owners


Buying a home in Salt Lake? What to expect so you can become a Future HomeOwner!

Hello Future HomeOwner!  When buying a home, especially for the first time you will have many questions about the process.  Below is a general guideline of what to expect and how the process works.  The following list will give you an idea of the timeline involved with buying a home.

1. Select your agent and sign a Buyer Agreement allowing your agent to work for you.  It is required in Utah to have a Buyer Agreement in place along with Buyer Due Diligence forms.  The forms allow me to search and inquire about all types of homes for sale or not yet for sale across Utah.  As a buyer it cost you nothing to have an agent work for you and represent you.  Buyers are asked to let me know if they see a home for sale that they are interested in whether its listed by an agent, bank, for sale by owner, or new construction.  For new construction homes, you will need to have me present everytime you go into a new construction site, model or open house.  New Construction sites will have it posted that if your agent is not present when you see the model, then your agent can not represent you. (they do this for various reasons)  You have the right to be represented and you should be represented.  You are making one of the biggest purchases of your life.  The sellers agent has been hired by the seller to sell his home not look out for you, the buyer.


2. Lender:  This is huge! you need a lender that is full time, knowledgeable and licensed. If you need names, let me know.  Your lender will take a look at your whole financial picture, your goals , what your current needs are and what has happened in the past.  They will make sure you have the funds, credit and ability to purchase a home/condo/townhome.  Underwriters will look closely at all the factors.  Meeting with your lender before you start looking into homes will ensure you that you are at the correct price point and are able to purchase the home/townhome/condo you have fallen in love with.   Credit, debt and your financial history is a huge factor.

3.  Once your lender has given you a preapproval (the thumbs up) we are ready to start searching for homes.  Once a home is found please be ready to act on it.  Utah has a lot of homes for sale, but the good ones always go under contract very fast, often with multiple offers.  While writing up an offer, you will be asked to offer an earnest money deposit anywhere from $500 to 1% of the purchase price. (New construction will want more money down, often non refundable)  This is called your Earnest Money deposit.  It shows the sellers that you are serious about the home.  The earnest money goes towards your closing cost at the end of the transaction.

4. Once a contract is agreed upon, you lender and agent get very very busy.  We watch all the contractual deadlines, home inspection is ordered (buyer cost $300-$500)  An appraisal is ordered (buyer cost $300-$500)  Both cost depend on location and size of home.  These cost are in addition to the earnest money deposit.

5.  Once the home inspection and appraisal have been completed, negotiated and approved the lender submits your loan.  This may take 2-4 weeks depending on what type of loan you are purchasing.  Just as a reminder your credit report will be pulled and reviewed before you purchase the home and also the day you close on your home.  DO NOT make any major purchases, DO NOT open any new store cards, credit cards or credit lines, DO NOT swap around balances, DO NOT quit your job, DO NOT switch jobs, DO NOT file for divorce, bankruptcy  DO NOT shop for a car, truck, atv, trailers etc.(they will pull your credit) DO NOT overdraft on your checking accounts, keep money in your checking account at all times.  Not following these simple rules will jeopardize your chance for purchasing your home, you may end up losing the home and your earnest monies.

6.  Last but  not least we go to the title company and close the loan.  Once both sides, the sellers and buyers sign the documents  it usually takes 24 to 72 hours to fund and record the loan.  Once the loan is funded, possession can take place anywhere from 24-72 hours from that point.

7.  My job is to make this as hassle and drama free as possible while achieving your goals.  Its a fun process.  Just kick back, enjoy and find your dream home.  I’ll do the rest for you.


ksl.com – Now may be the perfect time to buy a home

ksl.com – Now may be the perfect time to buy a home.



Don’t keep waiting people! If you are at all interested in buying a home call me and lets get going before the market turns into a sellers market and the bidding wars start.

Salt Lake County Utah Median Home Prices

Salt Lake County Utah median home prices.  The second quarter of 2011 has seen many cities still seeing a decline in prices and volumne sold have we finally hit bottom?
Utah Median Price Information
While a lot of the zip codes are seeing another down arrow for the second quarter of 2011 A few areas are starting to see an increase.  Could this mean we’ve hit bottom and now we will start stabilizing and seeing a Real Estate Recovery in Salt Lake County?  I think so, while we may still hit some hiccups along the way I believe we are going to start to see a slow stabilizing of the market resulting in a gradual recovery.  

*if you are thinking of selling your home or currently have your home on the market, this tool is a great reference and insight on how low the homes are selling for around you.

I’m looking for some buyers, sellers, investors or all three

I’m looking for some buyers, sellers, investors or all three. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all you had to do is put together a post and your phone would start ringing off the hook. A girl can dream can’t she. July is a month that features two big holidays in Utah. We have the 4th of July and we also have Pioneer Days on the 24th where once again everything shuts down and all is celebrated. Actually, at times, I think that the Utahn’s celebrate the 24th more than the 4th. The celebration goes on and on and on with a week of activities. So while the month of July features two major holidays, its also obviously still summer time and families/people are vacationing. July is a month of distractions to say the least…..

But for those of you who are moving to Utah, moving around Utah, want to sell your home and get out of Utah..…….. I’d love to help. I’m around, give me a call I would love to help… You won’t be disappointed… Lets get you out looking for homes while everyone else is off vacationing or at the parade.. Lets get your home listed for sale.

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Sandy Utah Real Estate News: June 9th

Sandy Utah Real Estate News: June 9th. Everyone is interested in the real estate market. The news reports on the overall market all over the United States. I am going to start a series of reports for you and your city so you can watch how things are progressing. Real Estate is local. The market in Deleware doesn’t necessarily mean the market in Sandy will be going thru the same fluctuations.

Below is a small graph showing the number of homes sold in Sandy, Utah over the last week. You will see the number of homes sold, lowest price sold, highest price sold and average days on market and average price sold.

Sandy Utah Real Estate News

Salt Lake County Condo Recap

Salt Lake County Condo Market Recap: Below is a recap of the condo market in Salt Lake County over the last two weeks. The absorption rates are staggering. For the price range of up to 99,000 only 26 condos sold in the last two weeks and the absorption rate is currently at 6 months. wow That same rate of 6 months holds for the 100,000- 199,999 price range with the bulk of the listings found in this bracket. The highest absorption rate peaks at 12 months in the 300,000- 399,999 price range. The amount of expired condo’s is staggering. It would be interesting to see if the condo’s expired because of price or because they ended up going into foreclosure status.

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