Why all buyers need a buyers agent representing them and their goals

What does a buyers agent do and why do I need one

What to expect when you hire me as your buyer broker.  I certainly do more than just open doors and drive

buyer broker juggling all the detailsaround.  A lot of people do not realize that as a buyers agent you are really juggling a lot of balls in the air to coordinate, negotiate and bring the deal to a close.

My fiduciary duty is to look out for the buyer.  Buyers need to realize that they are the ones who benefit from hiring a buyers agent to represent them.  The listing agent has the fiduciary duty to the seller, not the buyer.  Remember the old saying, buyer beware…… (always have an agent represent you and only you)

Below is a very brief overview of my major steps during a home purchase.  As we all know each and every transaction is different and no two buyers, sellers or homes have the same issues.  There is no way to put a complete list together without it looking like the action booksI used to read in about4th grade: you remember the books that you had options on all the way thru,,,, if you want to open this door go to page 53 if not continue reading… you get my point.


Overview of Steps Necessary in 99% of the transactions:

  • Initial interview to find out more about buyers situation
  • buyers must get a preapproval and meet with lender
  • once you have a preapproval letter we go over letter the letter and conditions
  • Review of initial buyer interview, review of what you are looking for and why you are moving.  check to see if anything has changed since meeting with the lender
  • types of homes available (HUD, short sales, foreclosures, fsbo etc)
  • types of sellers (short sales, foreclosures, HUD, FSBO, etc)
  • how fast the market is moving based on what your looking for and qualify for
  • a brief overview of the forms and what to expect paperwork wise
  • paperwork sent over email, or delivered to buyer recapping again what to expect, the process of buying a home, the do’s and don’t when it comes to buying a home these get initialed and added to my file
  • search for homes, not only on MLS but zillow, fsbo sites, local papers, nod’s: schedule appointments and research any initial red flags
  • farming for additional homes if inventory is low
  • viewing of homes
  • cma of home you want to purchase
  • sit down and explain in detail the legal documents you are signing and what they involve
  • negotiate offer

once under contract

  • order title work
  • contact lender
  • constant contact with all parties regarding deadlines and legal items
  • home inspector and due diligence items
  • attend inspection
  • meet to go over report
  • negotiate
  • keep in constant contact with lender about deadlines and issues
  • appraisal issues if any
  • walk thru
  • settlement
  • possession details

My goal is to help the buyer achieve their dream and to eliminate any unnessary stress and drama.  As a neutral party i am able to step away and look at the process thru what legally can and can not happen. Realtors are able to do this without the high level emotion of a buyer or seller may bring if they were dealing directly with one another. Selling and Purchasing Real Estate is one of the biggest /stressful investments many of us will ever do in our lifetime.  It is a legally binding agreement and a lot more complicated than the DIY networks make it seem.  Always consult a professional when selling or purchasing real estate.


***I’m thinking I should print this and keep it with me the next time I have someone ask me what I do for my money.



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New Construction Salt Lake County Homes For Sale: Call For Details

Kim Boekholder | Results Real Estate, LLC | (801) 580-5624
Spendthrift Dr, Bluffdale, UT
New Construction Home call for details on builder and home information
4BR/2+1BA Single Family House
offered at $332,500
Year Built 2012
Sq Footage Unspecified
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2 full, 1 partial
Floors 2
Parking Unspecified
Lot Size Unspecified
HOA/Maint $0 per month


Interested in a new home? If you are a buyer looking for a home, make sure you have a buyers agent representing you. Give me a call for details on why and how it doesn’t cost you. www.SaltLakeAreaHomeSearch.com
see additional photos below

– New Construction

Photo 1
Contact info:
Kim Boekholder
Results Real Estate, LLC
(801) 580-5624
For sale by agent/broker

Equal Opportunity Housing
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Posted: Mar 20, 2012, 11:15am PDT

*Results Real Estate has permission from builder to post listings and use photographs*

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East Side Sandy Utah Home For Sale: Deal of the Day

East Side Sandy Utah Home For Sale: Asking Price only $33/sqft. Insane incredible deal. If you are interested in seeing this home or one like it, let me know. I love to help buyers find deals like this!!!!

If this home isn’t quite what you’re looking for (it is a fixer upper) let me help you find a different one.  Talk to you soon,


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Homes For Sale


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Open House Saturday: Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Open House Saturday 10-1 2689 E Bridgeport Avenue, Cottonwood Heights UT.  Come check out a beautiful home listed by my friend James Stewart @ Keller Williams.  I will be there from 10-1 on Saturday the 2nd of July.  Address is  2689 E 7917 S (Bridgeport Avenue) in Cottonwood Heights.  Cottonwood Heights is a fabulous place located close to where I live in Sandy, Utah. They are part of the Canyons school district.  The home is located on .43 acres, features over 4200 square feet finished 100%. Beautiful inside and out and an absolute must see if you are in the market for a home like this.. 



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Salt Lake County Condo Recap

Salt Lake County Condo Market Recap: Below is a recap of the condo market in Salt Lake County over the last two weeks. The absorption rates are staggering. For the price range of up to 99,000 only 26 condos sold in the last two weeks and the absorption rate is currently at 6 months. wow That same rate of 6 months holds for the 100,000- 199,999 price range with the bulk of the listings found in this bracket. The highest absorption rate peaks at 12 months in the 300,000- 399,999 price range. The amount of expired condo’s is staggering. It would be interesting to see if the condo’s expired because of price or because they ended up going into foreclosure status.

Moving to Utah? Moving Around Utah? Contact me for help

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Selling Your Home In Utah, Real Estate Advice, Salt Lake City

Selling your home, real estate advice, salt lake city . Give me a call I would love to help you out. 8015805624 http://kimshomesforsale.com or Results Real Estate, I help people who are relocating to or out of Utah, buyers, short sales. Full time real estate agent.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9Am9mayD74&w=425&h=349]

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Bountiful Baskets, Salt Lake City Utah

Looking for fresh produce for a discount? Bountiful Baskets, Salt Lake City Utah. The coupon craze is so tempting but no matter how hard I try, I can never find healthy items on sale. I can’t eat processed foods, and yes that is a pain…….That’s why I always seem to fall back to farmers markets, until now. I was told about bountiful baskets last year and unfortunately never got around to signing up, until now. I can’t wait for my produce. Check out their website for details on how you signup (its easy), locations to pickup your produce and the schedule.

It is a co-op and from what everyone has told me it runs so smooth. They have a list of current produce they are carrying on their website and everything is explained on how to get started and what to expect.

For more information check it out


Moving to Utah? Moving Around Utah? Contact me for help

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Twitter Landed Me An Interview With The Salt Lake Tribune!!!!

Twitter Landed Me An Interview With The Salt Lake Tribune. Imagine my surprise when I received a call from the Salt Lake Tribune! Me???? I just recently jumped back into the tweeting part of real estate social media about a month ago and this is the first “hey I saw your name” or “I read your…” I have received. I was tickled…

The Salt Lake Tribune was doing a feature on home remodels what not to do. As they ran down the questions asking my opinion, it was great to hear her feedback to my answers and that she said I was 100% right on with what the national survery had found. Very little of the interview made it into the paper, but I was so happy to see what did make it!

When I asked her how she got my name, she simply said, “I’ve been reading your tweets.” Social media does work and this was the atta girl I needed to keep it up. Thank you again Lesley Mitchell @ The Salt Lake Tribune! You made my day.


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Camp Invention! Grace Lutheran School, Sandy Utah

Camp Invention Grace Lutheran School Sandy Utah

Camp Invention Summer Camp: Sandy Utah @ Grace Lutheran School. June 13th – June 17th located at Grace Lutheran School

Here is the direct link to get registered:

Below is an excerpt/video from the Camp Invention website featuring some of the fun things campers should expect to do! Such a fabulous program and a nice change from our normal summer activities. Kids should expect to be BUSY all day with fun, challenging activities.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOg3sWHeIKk&w=560&h=349]

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