Bungalows for sale in Salt Lake City, Utah

Bungalows for sale in Salt Lake City, Utah. The bungalow is a popular residential style. It originated around 1880.  They are easy to spot with their narrow, rectangular layout.  They are typically 1 to 1 1/2 stories.  Some of the bungalow styles feature Dormer windows and some have a small covered porch.


Bungalow for sale in Salt Lake County

Some of the popular areas for bungalows are the Avenues, Sugar House and Murray just to name a few.  Bungalows are scattered throughout Salt Lake County.  Size and price vary based on location and also condition.  I have seen some amazing bungalows in Salt Lake County.  I love all the fine details that the homes have vs. a newer style home.

Features in older homes


The homes are typically small so it was essential storage was planned out well.  I love all the built-in’s the homes feature!

Right now there are 236 active homes with the style listed as Bungalow.  The most expensive bungalow for sale in Salt Lake County is asking 3 Million, its a 1952 bungalow with 1926 sqft and 11.75 acres.  The least expensive bungalow for sale in Salt Lake County is asking 78,900 and was built in 1912.  The lot size for this home is .10 of an acre and square footage of the home 1043 sqft.

Built in cabinets

If you love this style of home and are looking to move to Salt Lake, relocate, downsize, upgrade or just change where you live give me  a call I would love to help you with your home purchase and show you all the cool Bungalows we have to offer in our market!



Bungalows for sale in Salt Lake

An important point for Sellers, you need to make sure you have an agent who knows how to price this style of home.  Knowledge is key when it comes to pricing a bungalow and knowing what it takes when listing an older home.



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55+ Guide to living in Salt Lake

55+ Guide to Living in Salt Lake.  I just ran across an amazing find.  This has to be one of the best hidden gems I have found in a long time.  Yesterday I wrote a blog about  Useful Phone Numbers and Contacts (everything from Utilities to DMV information).  While writing that piece, I added a link to the Salt Lake counties website which lead me to a guide for 55 and older residents/visitors.


The Guide for 55+ includes everything from Aging Services to Yard and Snow Removal.  One quick click and you can download the information onto your computer via a PDF file.  Most of the listings have the companies address, phone number and website where you can learn even more.  I am truly overwhelmed by all of the information.

Here is a list of what the directory involves:

Abuse, Adult Day Care Centers, Aging Services, Advance Directives, Advocacy, Community Programs, Care management, medical Clinics, grocery delivery, hairdressers, home assistance services, hospitals,libraries, Police departments, salt lake city services, salt lake county services, Senior Centers, Social Security administration,  Food Bank, Utah State Services, workforce services, DMV, Transit Authority, Valley Mental Health Services,  Assisted Living Facilities Levels 1, 2, Home Health Agencies, Personal Care agencies, Hospice, Nursing Care Facilities, Skilled, Nursing care facilities intermediate care, rehabilitation centers, housing services,  subsidized senior housing, support groups and medicare.


It even includes information for more specialized needs: Blind, Alzheimer’s, Burial Services, Counseling, Bereavement, Dental, Diabetes, eye care, hearing etc.  They even have Chore Services people you can hire to help out with simple everyday chores to maintain your home.  One of my favorite services is Meals-on-wheels.  When I was in college I worked at a hospital and the kitchen ran a meals-on-wheels program.  I always thought it was such a great way to help people have at least one well balanced meal a day if not more depending on the program and how it was setup.  For some people the meals on wheels delivery person is the only person they see on a daily basis. The drivers used to comment on how the people would smile and look forward to their daily deliveries.


I’m not sure if every county has a resource available like this, but they should.  What a wonderful, easy way for someone to find some answers when life takes an unexpected turn.  I need to go see if I can find a directory like this for my family who lives out of state.


– See more at: http://activerain.com/blogsview/4238269/55-guide-to-living-in-salt-lake#sthash.KvLJg4tK.dpuf

Neptune Park in Saratoga Springs, Opens Today

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah – 30 minutes from downtown salt lake and only minutes from my listing in Eagle Mountain!  1853 Sunrise Drive.  

What an amazing structure and park.  Its called Neptune Park located at 452 W 400 North in Saratoga Springs, Utah

The park officials have been quoted as saying “We made a deliberate effort to include play equipment that would encourage unstructured play, pique children’s curiosity and imagination, and tempt adults to join kids in the fun,” says City Manager Mark Christensen. “We are very proud of the work that has gone into creating this park and see it benefiting the generations to come.”

The park officially opens TODAY at 3:30 (right after school)

Interested? Want to look for homes in this area? GIve me a call 801.580.5624

*photo compliments of Utah News

The Local Salt Lake Market Has Exploded With Buyers

The local market has exploded with buyers.  They are everywhere and they are bidding on everything.  A traditional seller who prices their home correctly will surely have multiple offers.  My buyers have been in multiple offer situations from the price range of 60,000 all the way up to $400,000.

Below are this weeks quotes:

“Forget it, there are even multiple offers on homes that need to be knocked down.  I’m done looking until more homes become available to look at.”

“ I’m taking a break.  I can’t compete, I can only offer what I can afford.  I will never beat out people who are paying cash.”

“Do I have to submit an offer before I even see the home?”

“I don’t want to see anymore short sale, foreclosure or HUD homes.”  I’m sick of the bidding process, multiple offers and being the first offer but the agent holding the offer until there is a multiple offer situation.”

“Find me a traditional seller or I won’t go see homes until you do.”

“How are there multiple offers, its a new listing today and I haven’t even finished my three s’s for the day?”

Sellers, if you have been considering selling your home or had it for sale in the past and took it off the market, now is the time to seriously reconsider.


Buying Process My Commitment to You and What I ask of You

My Commitment to you

  • To work with you to determine your desires, needs and qualifications
  • Show you homes in the MLS which meet your needs
  • Create a personalized marketing campaign to find your ideal home if we don’t find it in the MLS
  • Do a CMA before we write and present an offer
  • Write offer and negotiate purchase agreement
  • Point out anything I become aware of which could negatively impact the value of home


What I Ask of You

  • Sign Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement
  • Inform other Realtors and home owners you are represented by me
  • Work only with me during agreement period
  • Use recommended lender to determine maximum loan qualification
  • Be available to preview homes
  • Provide feedback on homes seen and service provided
  • Inform me of any changes in your circumstances
  • Do NOT go into any new construction sites with out me.  Agent has to be with you at all times/viewings
  • Let me call on every home you are interested in- Especially for sale by owners


Buying a home in Salt Lake City( Area) Common Closing Cost for Buyers

When you buy a home you’ll have a variety of fees and expenses that you and the seller will have to pay at the time of closing.  Your lender must provide a good faith estimate of all settlement costs.  The title company will also have fees to consider:

  • Down payment
  • Loan origination
  • Points or loan discount fees, which you pay to receive a lower interest rate
  • Home Inspection
  • Appraisal
  • Credit Report
  • Private mortgage insurance premium
  • Insurance escrow for homeowners insurance, if being paid as part of the mortgage
  • Property tax escrow, if being paid as part of the mortgage.  Lenders keep funds for taxes and insurance in the escrow accounts as they are paid with the mortgage, then pay the insurance or taxes for you.
  • Deed recording
  • Title Insurance Policy Premiums
  • Land Survey
  • Notary Fees
  • Prorations for your share of costs, such as a utility bills and property taxes

A note about prorations:  Because such costs are usually paid on either a monthly or yearly basis, you might have to pay a bill for services used by the sellers before they moved.  Proration is a way for the sellers to pay you back or for you to pay them for bills they may have paid in advance.

What’s the Difference Between Tenancy in Common and Joint Tenancy?

Ever wonder what the general difference between Tenancy in Common and Joint Tenancy are? When you purchase a home you “hold title” on that property. Here are two ways you can hold title. For specific information regarding this, contact an attorney.

Tenancy in Common:

Parties: Any number of persons or entities (can be husband and wife)

Ownership:  Ownership can be divided into any number of interests, equal or unequal

Title: Each co-owner has separate legal title to their undivided interest

Conveyance:  Each co-owner’s interest may be separately conveyed

Purchasers’ Status:  Purchasers become tenants in common with the co-owners

Death: Upon a co-owner’s death, their interest passes by will or if no will, state intestacy to their devisees or heirs.  No survivorship right.

Successors’ Status: Devisees or heirs become tenants in common

Creditors’ Rights: A co-owner’s interest may be sold on execution sale to satisfy creditors.  Creditors become tenants in common

Presumption:  Grant to multiple parties creates a tenancy in common presumption.



Parties:  Any number of persons, not entities (Can be husband and wife)

Ownership: Owner interest must be equal

Title: There is only one title to the whole property

Conveyance: Conveyance by one co-owner without the others breaks the join tenancy as to the party who conveyed.

Purchasers’ Status: Purchasers from one co-owner will become a tenant in common

Death: On co-owner’s death their interest automatically transfers to the surviving joint tenant(s), outside of any probate proceeding

Successors’ Status: Last survivor (s) owns property in whole

Creditors’ Rights:  A co-owner’s interest may be sold on execution sale to satisfy creditors.  Joint Tenancy is broken.  Creditors becomes a tenant in common.

Presumption: Must be expressly stated, unless a married couple.  If married, presumed to be joint tenancy.


Other ways to hold title:

Sole Ownership and  In Trust




Relocating to Utah? Be prepared for multiple offers

Relocating to Utah? Be prepared for multiple offers.  No longer is it a buyers market.  I really believe the buyers market went away a couple months ago.  Every home my various buyers are serious about goes under contract fast and often with multiple offers.  If the banks are holding back shadow inventory, now might be a good time to slowly start releasing their inventory.

Its amazing how we went from no offers and homes sitting for sale for a year to the same home over the past month now having multiple offers on it.  Sellers, please don’t get greedy on what you request the buyers to do in order to purchase your home.  I recently showed a home that my buyer liked until we read the request sent to me by the agent stating the home owners requests… (short sale scenario by the way) home owner is taking absolutely all the light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, appliances etc… but hey we can put together a separate bid for those items if we want outside of the transaction and that will determine whose offer goes to the bank………..hmmmm interesting… oh ya, we were suppose to pay their attorney fees for their recent divorce too?  Not sure how this will pass FHA inspections and underwritter guidelines…

I recently spoke to a buyer who I just met and they were bragging how they over bid the property by 20,000 dollars.  Their goal was to secure the bid and when it doesn’t appraise, they would deal with it then.


Anyways, Sellers stay focused and buyers be prepared.  Its still  a great time to buy a home in Salt Lake County but you need to be working with a lender/loan officer first.  Get your financial ducks in a row, then I can help you with your home search and the contractual part of your home buying experience.

Spring has sprung and the tide has turned…..  Good luck to all…..

My Service Pledge

My Service Pledge

Here are some of my service pledges:

I will DEDICATE myself to making the process of buying/selling your home as easy and drama free as possible.

I will VALUE and RESPECT your time, being efficient and effective

I will UNDERSTAND your needs and respond quickly

I will provide WEEKLY progress reports throughout the process

I will CONTINUALLY work on marketing your home or searching for homes for you

I will ASSIST you with any needs that may arise throughout the process


I will be AVAILABLE for any questions/concerns you may have

I view my role as a consultant, your local real estate expert. I am here to educate and advise you through the whole process.

ksl.com – Now may be the perfect time to buy a home

ksl.com – Now may be the perfect time to buy a home.



Don’t keep waiting people! If you are at all interested in buying a home call me and lets get going before the market turns into a sellers market and the bidding wars start.