Salt Lake Parade of Homes 2012

Salt Lake Parade of Homes 2012 featuring homes from 177,000 to multi-million dollar estates.  The Salt Lake Parade of homes has teamed up again with the Make-A-Wish Foundation you will see rooms decorated to support this partnership featured in showcased homes.  This year the parade has a new feature called Parade Craze, its a smart phone app to help all attendees keep track of all the homes they have seen.  Some of the other cool additions to this years parade are:


*a historic home restoration

*a blogger inspired home

*a home built by the CTEC program (Canyons School District Students )

Looking for a home in Salt Lake view all homes available at


Tickets can be purchased at participating                                                         

RC Willey Locations ($10)

Daybreak Glass House ($15)

Parade and Model Homes ($15)

Salt Lake Home Builders Association office ($15)

or online at  right now they are running a special for $12 tickets!



August 3-18th, 2012

Daily 12pm – 9 pm

***some models may be closed on Sundays**


See ya there! 

p.s. if you are interested in buying a home whether its a new construction or not, please notify your Realtor before attending the parade.  If you don’t have a Realtor, let me know I’d love to help you out. For all the potential / soon to be sellers out there, we need your inventory.  You may be surprised to find out what your home is actually worth right now.  Call me for more details about anything real estate.



Understanding Agency: Why You Need Your Own Agent To Represent You and Your Needs

It’s important to understand what legal responsibilities your real estate salesperson has to you and to other parties in the transactions.  Ask your salesperson to explain what type of agency relationship you have.

Seller Agent: (Listing Agent) A real estate licensee who Is hired to represent the seller.  All fiduciary duties are owed to the seller.  (buyers pay close attention that it is not in your best interest to have the Seller/Listing agent represent you)

Buyers Agent:  A real estate licensee who is hired by the prospective buyer to represent them in a real estate transaction.  The buyer’s representative works in the buyer’s best interest throughout the transaction and owes fiduciary duties to the buyer.  The buyer can pay the licensee directly through a negotiated fee, or the buyer’s rep may be paid by the seller or by a commission split with the listing broker.

Disclosed Dual Agent:  Dual agency is a relationship in which the brokerage firm and/or the selling agent represents both the buyer and the seller in the same real estate transaction.  Dual Agency relationships do not carry with them all the traditional fiduciary duties to the clients.  Dual agents owe limited fiduciary duties because of the potential for conflicts of interest in a dual agency relationship it is vital that all parties give their informed consent.  This must be in writing.  Both sellers and buyers must sign and acknowledge the dual relationship.

Designated Agent: This situation occurs when a broker designates which licensees will act as an agent of the seller or buyer.



Buying a home in Salt Lake? What to expect so you can become a Future HomeOwner!

Hello Future HomeOwner!  When buying a home, especially for the first time you will have many questions about the process.  Below is a general guideline of what to expect and how the process works.  The following list will give you an idea of the timeline involved with buying a home.

1. Select your agent and sign a Buyer Agreement allowing your agent to work for you.  It is required in Utah to have a Buyer Agreement in place along with Buyer Due Diligence forms.  The forms allow me to search and inquire about all types of homes for sale or not yet for sale across Utah.  As a buyer it cost you nothing to have an agent work for you and represent you.  Buyers are asked to let me know if they see a home for sale that they are interested in whether its listed by an agent, bank, for sale by owner, or new construction.  For new construction homes, you will need to have me present everytime you go into a new construction site, model or open house.  New Construction sites will have it posted that if your agent is not present when you see the model, then your agent can not represent you. (they do this for various reasons)  You have the right to be represented and you should be represented.  You are making one of the biggest purchases of your life.  The sellers agent has been hired by the seller to sell his home not look out for you, the buyer.


2. Lender:  This is huge! you need a lender that is full time, knowledgeable and licensed. If you need names, let me know.  Your lender will take a look at your whole financial picture, your goals , what your current needs are and what has happened in the past.  They will make sure you have the funds, credit and ability to purchase a home/condo/townhome.  Underwriters will look closely at all the factors.  Meeting with your lender before you start looking into homes will ensure you that you are at the correct price point and are able to purchase the home/townhome/condo you have fallen in love with.   Credit, debt and your financial history is a huge factor.

3.  Once your lender has given you a preapproval (the thumbs up) we are ready to start searching for homes.  Once a home is found please be ready to act on it.  Utah has a lot of homes for sale, but the good ones always go under contract very fast, often with multiple offers.  While writing up an offer, you will be asked to offer an earnest money deposit anywhere from $500 to 1% of the purchase price. (New construction will want more money down, often non refundable)  This is called your Earnest Money deposit.  It shows the sellers that you are serious about the home.  The earnest money goes towards your closing cost at the end of the transaction.

4. Once a contract is agreed upon, you lender and agent get very very busy.  We watch all the contractual deadlines, home inspection is ordered (buyer cost $300-$500)  An appraisal is ordered (buyer cost $300-$500)  Both cost depend on location and size of home.  These cost are in addition to the earnest money deposit.

5.  Once the home inspection and appraisal have been completed, negotiated and approved the lender submits your loan.  This may take 2-4 weeks depending on what type of loan you are purchasing.  Just as a reminder your credit report will be pulled and reviewed before you purchase the home and also the day you close on your home.  DO NOT make any major purchases, DO NOT open any new store cards, credit cards or credit lines, DO NOT swap around balances, DO NOT quit your job, DO NOT switch jobs, DO NOT file for divorce, bankruptcy  DO NOT shop for a car, truck, atv, trailers etc.(they will pull your credit) DO NOT overdraft on your checking accounts, keep money in your checking account at all times.  Not following these simple rules will jeopardize your chance for purchasing your home, you may end up losing the home and your earnest monies.

6.  Last but  not least we go to the title company and close the loan.  Once both sides, the sellers and buyers sign the documents  it usually takes 24 to 72 hours to fund and record the loan.  Once the loan is funded, possession can take place anywhere from 24-72 hours from that point.

7.  My job is to make this as hassle and drama free as possible while achieving your goals.  Its a fun process.  Just kick back, enjoy and find your dream home.  I’ll do the rest for you.


New Construction Salt Lake County Homes For Sale: Call For Details

Kim Boekholder | Results Real Estate, LLC | (801) 580-5624
Spendthrift Dr, Bluffdale, UT
New Construction Home call for details on builder and home information
4BR/2+1BA Single Family House
offered at $332,500
Year Built 2012
Sq Footage Unspecified
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2 full, 1 partial
Floors 2
Parking Unspecified
Lot Size Unspecified
HOA/Maint $0 per month


Interested in a new home? If you are a buyer looking for a home, make sure you have a buyers agent representing you. Give me a call for details on why and how it doesn’t cost you.
see additional photos below

- New Construction

Photo 1
Contact info:
Kim Boekholder
Results Real Estate, LLC
(801) 580-5624
For sale by agent/broker

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Posted: Mar 20, 2012, 11:15am PDT

*Results Real Estate has permission from builder to post listings and use photographs*

Moving Checklist For Sellers

Moving Checklist For Sellers.  Moving can be hectic everyone and anyone who has ever moved knows the challenges you face.  Every time you move there are new hurdles to overcome.  Below is a general list of reminders to help you through the process.


  • Provide the post office with your forwarding address two to four weeks ahead of the move
  • Notify your credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, and bank of your change of address
  • Create a list of friends, relatives and business colleagues who need to be notified about your move
  • Arrange to disconnect utilities and have them connected at your new home
  • Cancel the newspaper, or change the address so it will arrive at your new  home
  • Check insurance coverage for the items you’re moving.  Usually movers only cover what they pack
  • Clean out appliances and prepare them for moving or for staying
  • Note the weight of the goods you’ll have moved.  Watch for movers who add excessive padding to add weight
  • Check with your condo about any restrictions on using the elevator or particular exits for moving
  • Have a keep with me, or a open first box with the things you’ll need most, such as toilet paper, soap, trash bags, scissors, hammer, screwdriver, pencils, paper, snacks, daily essential

Plus, if you’re moving out of town be sure to:

  • Get copies of your medical and dental records and prescriptions for your family.  If possible refill all prescriptions before you go so you don’t have to worry about it immediately when you move
  • Get copies of your children’s school records for transfer
  • Arrange for your pets travel needs
  • Let a friend or relative know your route
  • Empty your safety deposit box

My Service Pledge

My Service Pledge

Here are some of my service pledges:

I will DEDICATE myself to making the process of buying/selling your home as easy and drama free as possible.

I will VALUE and RESPECT your time, being efficient and effective

I will UNDERSTAND your needs and respond quickly

I will provide WEEKLY progress reports throughout the process

I will CONTINUALLY work on marketing your home or searching for homes for you

I will ASSIST you with any needs that may arise throughout the process


I will be AVAILABLE for any questions/concerns you may have

I view my role as a consultant, your local real estate expert. I am here to educate and advise you through the whole process.

East Side Sandy Utah Home For Sale: Deal of the Day

East Side Sandy Utah Home For Sale: Asking Price only $33/sqft. Insane incredible deal. If you are interested in seeing this home or one like it, let me know. I love to help buyers find deals like this!!!!

If this home isn’t quite what you’re looking for (it is a fixer upper) let me help you find a different one.  Talk to you soon, – Now may be the perfect time to buy a home – Now may be the perfect time to buy a home.



Don’t keep waiting people! If you are at all interested in buying a home call me and lets get going before the market turns into a sellers market and the bidding wars start.

Salt Lake County Utah Median Home Prices

Salt Lake County Utah median home prices.  The second quarter of 2011 has seen many cities still seeing a decline in prices and volumne sold have we finally hit bottom?
Utah Median Price Information
While a lot of the zip codes are seeing another down arrow for the second quarter of 2011 A few areas are starting to see an increase.  Could this mean we’ve hit bottom and now we will start stabilizing and seeing a Real Estate Recovery in Salt Lake County?  I think so, while we may still hit some hiccups along the way I believe we are going to start to see a slow stabilizing of the market resulting in a gradual recovery.  

*if you are thinking of selling your home or currently have your home on the market, this tool is a great reference and insight on how low the homes are selling for around you.

I’m looking for some buyers, sellers, investors or all three

I’m looking for some buyers, sellers, investors or all three. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all you had to do is put together a post and your phone would start ringing off the hook. A girl can dream can’t she. July is a month that features two big holidays in Utah. We have the 4th of July and we also have Pioneer Days on the 24th where once again everything shuts down and all is celebrated. Actually, at times, I think that the Utahn’s celebrate the 24th more than the 4th. The celebration goes on and on and on with a week of activities. So while the month of July features two major holidays, its also obviously still summer time and families/people are vacationing. July is a month of distractions to say the least…..

But for those of you who are moving to Utah, moving around Utah, want to sell your home and get out of Utah..…….. I’d love to help. I’m around, give me a call I would love to help… You won’t be disappointed… Lets get you out looking for homes while everyone else is off vacationing or at the parade.. Lets get your home listed for sale.

Call, text, tweet, email I answer it all
Results Real Estate